The New/Old Antisemitism – How 19th Century Socialist Antisemitism Led to Today’s New Antisemitism

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The “New Antisemitism” isn’t new. The hatred that animates BDS, that scapegoats Israel, denies the legitimacy of Zionism, and justifies violence against Jews is not a new phenomenon, but a resurgence of 19th century antisemitic stereotypes of Jews circulated by socialists from Fourier to Marx. Progressive Antisemitism was born when socialist populists fused medieval antisemitic stereotypes that led to Stalin’s gulags, Nazi Germany, and demonization of the Jewish State today.

Daniel Greenfield is an investigative journalist covering terrorism, the Middle East, and antisemitism in Europe. He has exposed the antisemitic ties of elected officials and organizations, the media bias that skews coverage, the rising antisemitism among Islamist organizations in America, and the growing terror threat that unites America and Israel in a common struggle for the future. Greenfield is a Shillman Journalism Fellow with the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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