Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial, Vienna, Austria

Living With The Sins Of Their Fathers: The Children Of Nazi War Criminals

January 10, 2021
Dr. Irving Berkowitz
Temple Beth El, West Palm Beach

The son of Holocaust survivors, Dr. Irving Berkowitz is a widely respected scholar and public speaker on the Holocaust and contemporary antisemitism.

Why Jews Are Worrying About Their Democratic Party Roots

January 24, 2021
Michelle Terris and Sofia Manolesco
Temple Beth El, West Palm Beach

The annihilation of traditions leads to inevitable persecution of those who practice their culture. They are seen as opposing State control. One cannot serve two masters: G-d or the State. Exposing the socialist lie can dampen the explosion of contemporary antisemitism.

The Campus War Against Israel & Jews

February 21, 2021
Dr. Richard L. Cravatts
Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, Florida

Richard Cravatts, PhD, is the author of “Dispatches from the War Against Israel & Jews” and a leading authority on academic antisemitism and Israel hatred.

The New/Old Antisemitism – How 19th Century Socialist Antisemitism Led to Today’s New Antisemitism

March 7, 2021
Daniel Greenfield
Indian Spring Country Club, Boynton Beach

Daniel Greenfield is an investigative journalist covering terrorism, the Middle East, and antisemitism in Europe.

Failure of Jewish Leadership and its Consequences

March 14, 2021
Avi Goldwasser
Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, Florida

Avi GoldWasser has been an activist on college campuses for over 15 years. He co-founded, and was the Executive Director of The David Project, an organization dedicated to teaching college and high school students about the Middle East conflict.

Foreign Funding Fueling Jew Hatred on Campus

April 11, 2021
Michael J Bass
Fountains Country Club, Lake Worth, Florida

Over the last decade, Michael has extensively researched and investigated antisemitism on college campuses, and their funding by hostile nations working to delegitimize Israel and its supporters.

Three Modern Blood Libels: Apartheid, Vaccines and Eviction

June 24, 2021
Eugene Kontorovich
Palm Beach Synagogue, Palm Beach, Florida

Eugene Kontorovich is a professor at the George Mason School of Law and the director of its Center for International Law in the Middle East.